Sexuality and related problems

Importance of sexuality

Everyone has sexual feelings, attitudes, and beliefs; at the same time, everyone’s self-experience of sexuality is unique because of the intense personal perspective involved. Having accurate awareness about healthy sexuality is very important for the nourishment of intimacy between couples. It is also instrumental in promoting sexual satisfaction and enhancing the sensitivity of interpersonal relationships. Sexuality has significant impact on the overall wellness of all people. This mindfulness helps deal with sexual problems in case they ever arise.


Love in the past had essentially found place only in the scripts of writers, philosophers, and poets. However, today it has widely gained recognition as a subject of scientific and psychological interest. Intimacy has been studied in great detail and its importance can never be undermined in relationships between couples. This is different form mere physical closeness. It entails sharing of thoughts, emotions, and experiences. A satisfying relationship ought to offer gratification an all ‘dimensions’ of existence. Love cascades from romanticism and eroticism that add passion to relationships; to companionate and divine connects that offer stability and respect to the dyad. Love cannot be unremitting. The expressions of love change like mutable moods. Partners need to understand and acknowledge this change in each other so they offer and receive the ‘love’ that each of them deem fulfilling.


At the same time, sex involves much more than mechanical coupling between partners. It involves feelings, desires, and attitudes that are expressed in physical interaction and play a role in fulfillment of the sexual experience between the partners. Individuals can have unsatisfying sexual encounters if any of these falls short of their normal tempo. Sex is a basic human need. One may eat food that doesn’t taste very good but if it does, the meal becomes an event in itself. Sex needs to be enjoyed and relished like good food too.

Sexual dissatisfaction today

Personal dissatisfaction with sex is common in today’s world. A large percentage of marriages are troubled by disinterest or boredom in sexual intercourse. Unsatisfactory sexual interaction has drastic effects on a relationship and can lead to frustration, irritability, somatic complaints, anxiety, and depression. The most common sexual problems are inhibitions, performance anxiety, erotic boredom, and plentiful sexual myths. The taboo on sexuality disallows couples to discuss their discontentment; which closes doors to correction of these problems. Sexual dissatisfaction is really the initial phase of dissatisfaction with the partner and subsequently generalized frustration and unhappiness. Somehow the people going through it always overlook this.

Sex needs to be enjoyed

It is important to be open-minded about sexuality and understand that it is simply a human instinct. Awareness of erogenous zones on the human body, variable sexual forms, diverse sexual interests and different sexual positions is important in order to enjoy intercourse, as well as to satisfy the sexual partner. Boredom can set into even the most pleasurable sexual relationship if timely active measures are not taken to keep the flame of passion alive.

Playing the game right

Sexual satisfaction is a game of the mind and ought to be played rightly. MINDFRAMES uses the Masters and Johnson’s model of Dual Sex Therapy (DST), Cognitive Restructuring (CBT) as well as Rational Emotive Techniques (RET) to help couples attain satisfying and fulfilling relationships with their partners. Like all basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, recognition and acceptance, the need for love and physical pleasure should get its due.

When you need help

While sensuality is important in relationships, it very often gets neglected. Moments that indicate that the particular couple needs attention for their sexuality include times when:

  • Sex is not an agenda
  • Sex has become difficult
  • Sex has become painful
  • Sex causes disappointment
  • One partner is uninterested
  • Sex leads to big arguments
  • One partner loses self esteem
  • One begins to blame the other

Frequently Asked Questions

How does one predict sexual compatibility?
Openness in communication about sexual preferences, desires, emotions and feelings allows for building of sexual intimacy. Once the respect has been built, the focus shifts to mutual satisfaction and then the compatibility quotient develops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t it difficult to discuss sexuality with a third person?
It is certainly not difficult when the person you discuss with is a professional. It is best to be frank and honest with an expert and take the appropriate scientific medical advice instead of being shy and avoiding the issue. It is eventually for your own good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does couples’ therapy work?
Yes it does. Sequential individual and combined therapy sessions are arranged for the couple in which the crux of the problem is first unfolded. The subsequent sessions involve behavior and emotive techniques to improve the pattern of sexual interaction.