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Dr Shefali Batra is a Psychiatrist, Cognitive Therapist, and Mindfulness Expert. She earned her undergraduate and postgraduate medical degree in Psychiatry from India, and Leadership in Healthcare Certificate from UCLA California. A Medical Entrepreneur, she founded MINDFRAMES to facilitate face-to-face as well as online consultation, assessment and therapy. She uses a mindful and holistic approach to solve complex lifestyle and behavioural problems.


Self Assessment

Know why you feel how you do, so you can do something about it


Online Therapy

Avail therapies through video, audio, email and chat based approaches


Plan a Workshop

Activity and mindfulness oriented workshops for corporates and schools


Dream Analysis

Understand correlations between dreams and your everyday existence

GM, Paris
Since I am based out of India, I have been taking online coaching sessions for lifestyle and stress related issues with Dr Shefali. This has been a convenient, flexible, affordable and accessible approach for me. I would recommend this online therapy approach to anyone who is busy or shy to see a therapist face to face.
HA, Indore
When I first met Dr Shefali it was a critical time with depression, severe anxiety, sleep problems, addiction and a thousand thoughts running through my mind. With mindfulness and CBT, she ignited the drive in me to become stronger, more self-aware, and a better person. She has been kind, patient and understanding and I am grateful for all her help and guidance.
RG, Mumbai
Dr Shefali uses introspective techniques through cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), which helped me delve deeper into the real cause of my troubles and resolve them. And I achieved all this without any medicines, that's the most amazing part. I'm really thankful and I feel empowered and happy today!
SD, Mumbai
I have twin sons who drive me up the wall. I was hesitant to see a Psychiatrist but Dr Shefali made me realise that people shouldn’t go to a doctor to solve problems, but rather to prevent them. Her parental guidance module helped me learn discipline principles to make me a better mother.
PS, Bombay
Dr Shefali Batra has an impeccable understanding of all mental illnesses. For me on my second visit itself there was tremendous relief from an illness that was haunting me for 35 years. These past 13 years of my life have by far been the most accomplishing thanks to her treatment.
AS, Patna
The ease with which I could open up, indulge and confess in front of Dr Shefali deserves applause. Its wonderful how she created this space to connect. The hope, courage and direction I found with her help are worth keeping for life. Thank you Dr Shefali. Seeing you is one of my best decisions ever.
SM, Pune
I approached Dr Shefali for chronic social anxiety and depression (on-going since 14 years). I had almost given up on getting better. With her consistent attention, medication and cognitive therapy I am now functioning at 100% within 3 months. She’s extremely approachable and empathic.
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