School workshops

Activity and Learning

Learning becomes more effective when it is combined with activity and fun. Children learn better when they see goodness around them (inspiration) as well as when they set examples for themselves (introspection). That is why knowledge combined with activity and interaction ensures superior and long lasting erudition. Children learn not by what they are told, but what they ‘feel’ within themselves after they have been exposed to that learning. We include experiential learning tasks in our school programs and group workshops for school children. This not only facilitates activity-assisted acquiring, it is a good platform for building social skills and enhancing the social quotient (SQ) of the child. This helps them to interact with peers and offers opportunity to learn from other students besides parents and teachers.

Workshop characteristics

We offer educative workshops for children, parents and teachers. Children’s workshops target different dimensions of the child’s personality; which are essential for global development. Some of these include persona build-up, gender education, stress free living, study skills and spiritual growth. They build upon the children’s strengths by enabling them to open up to others easily and express their views, help them set positive impressions on their peers, allow sharing of ideas, and add to their own confidence. Sessions for parents enhance parenting skills while those for teachers target optimal teacher-student relationships and ways for teachers to deal with children better.

Group dynamics

Children can be restricted, defensive and not very trusting. However, they identify with other children and prefer to share emotions in a group rather than when alone. They reveal their ideas more freely, divulge anxieties without fret, express their opinions to others with greater confidence and get more involved in the form as well as the process of social and moral learning. This makes the entire learning experience stronger. Unknowingly, they also enhance their self-confidence in the bargain.


For a child to succeed in school, both physical and mental concerns ought to be addressed. These are inter related and influence the child’s overall progress. MINDFRAMES is committed to providing fun filled and stimulating learning experiences to children. The workshops not only provide information, but also, enable children to understand concepts and acquire newer skills, thereby encouraging them to develop emotionally, intellectually, socially as well as spiritually. The sessions may involve small groups with 5 to 6 participants to allow more personal interaction as well as large group programs with 20 to 25 children with greater interpersonal focus. Such workshops are interactive, participative and accompanied by audio-visual aids to offer multi-sense modalities to keep focus and enrich the child’s learning experience.

Workshop targets

School workshops positively impact holistic development of children:

  • Intelligence building
  • Personality build-up
  • Inculcating positivity
  • Enhancing sensibility
  • Combating anxieties
  • Dealing with worries
  • Overcoming insecurity
  • Building responsibility
  • Controlling aggression
  • Augmenting confidence
  • Making career choices
  • Structuring social skills
  • Building emotionality

Workshop features

Filled with interaction and fun, the workshops accomplish specific goals through focused action.

  • Conducted by professionals
  • Interactive and participative
  • Provide experiential learning
  • Have specific learning goals
  • Are custom made as per age
  • Target the child’s behavior
  • Have introspective potential

Workshop variety

We have multifaceted workshop options at MINDFRAMES:

  • Multiple intelligence building
  • Scientific study skills training
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Stress management for teens
  • Gender education and advice
  • Holistic wellness for children