Psychiatry medico marketing

Professional marketing

Selling any product requires marketing and selling skills. At the same time, vending to a professional requires superior knowledge base so as to sell not just the product, but also its USP. The emergence of media and technology is rapidly changing the pharmaceutical marketing landscape world over. The use of innovative modalities, Internet, video streaming, mailers, electronic reminders in product detailing etc. are playing a big role in pitching the brands to doctors, as well as educating patients. Exchange of information between a drug manufacturer and the prescribing doctor helps describe the product and how it will benefit the end user in diagnosis or treatment of the health problem. This marketing executive most essentially targets this information exchange at concluding in a sale.

Medico marketing

The regulatory authorities necessitate the genuineness and truthfulness of product claims before advising the same to patients. It becomes the duty of the prescribing physician to offer the appropriate information to the prospective drug consumer (patient). The pharmaceutical industry plays an enhanced role in patient education by offering lucid scientifically crafted information for doctors, caregivers and the patients themselves so as to enhance understanding of the product in consideration. Companies today spend more on marketing than research too. Information is a powerful tool, sharing it rightly can be challenging and extremely rewarding. Accessing the right information, articulating it rightly assures that the message is gotten across suitably.

Psychiatry medico marketing

Management of a psychiatric disorder compels a holistic approach. The pharmacotherapy goal is not merely symptom dismissal; but also demands an improvement in socio-occupational functioning. A prescription requires an added surety of efficacy and minimization of adverse effects. Pharmaceutical company representatives ought to have comprehensive information on the illness symptoms and all target behaviors intended to be addressed by the drug. When they pitch it to doctors, they ought to ‘feel’ the truth in what they say and speak it out with confidence that comes from a sound knowledge base.

MINDFRAMES medico marketing

A practicing expert can provide the medical representatives with a 360-degree perspective on the illness, treatment options, as well as medication effects and side effects so that they can balance between the scientific and commercial aspects to enhance their drug sales. If they are aware of all behaviors that the medicine claims to target, they can convince prospective customer to embrace their products. Their confidence projects efficacy of the pharmaceutical companies they represent. We train the pharmaceutical marketing representatives and empower them to sell with the confidence that emerges from in depth understanding of the science behind their own drug formulation.

Essentials in marketing

Selling ought to be accompanied by the right knack and the appropriate know how of what is being sold. Action selling has its pre requisites.

  • Honesty, clarity and precision
  • Appropriate medical jargon
  • Evidence based arguments
  • Constancy in communication
  • Respect and regard for time
  • Targeted at self improvement
  • Clarity of organization goals
  • Building positive relationships


At MINDFRAMES we empower the pharmaceutical staff using carefully and artistically crafted material.

  • Structured training manuals
  • Smart product presentations
  • Designing product dossiers
  • Answering doctors queries
  • Responding to patient FAQs
  • Patient information booklets
  • Drug information audio books
  • Systematizing drug launches

Product related training

Selling a drug doesn’t imply merely selling a chemical compound. It requires in depth explanation and analysis of the illness it treats.

  • Psychiatric disorder profile
  • Mechanics of drug action
  • Drug safety parameters
  • Drug efficacy measures
  • Expected adverse effects
  • Product benefits and USPs