Corporate wellness programmes

Prevention and intervention

Frequently omitted from corporate wellness programs is the focus on mental health and emotional wellness. Even though there may be intent, the budgets and the willingness to include such programs in the current scenario looks unrewarding and uneventful. It is a well-proven fact that productivity loss, absenteeism, job abandonment, and higher turnover are directly linked to poor psychological health. Employers reasonably hold that patriarchal responsibility of positive psychological health for all their employees. Preventive strategies targeting large groups of people at the workplace help in promoting positive lifestyles. Health after all is about prevention and promotion besides diagnosis and treatment once the problems have already gotten out of hand.

Group dynamics

Group workshops are directed at stress management, time organization, listening skills, effective interpersonal interaction, relationship building, relaxation training, anger management, yoga and meditation, and the like. They build upon individual strengths by enabling people to open up and express their views to each other, help set positive impressions, allow sharing of ideas, and add to their own confidence. Participants in their daily interactions with each other can share the reflective wisdom experience of a group sitting. The net gain is a supra-maximal learning experience, which gets clubbed with idea exchange through interaction. Man is a social animal after all and businesses require good interpersonal relations at all levels.

Workshops style

MINDFRAMES workshops not only provide information, but also, enable participants to understand emotional concepts and acquire newer skills, thereby encouraging them to develop emotionally, intellectually, socially as well as spiritually. The sessions may involve small groups with 5 to 6 participants to allow more personal interaction as well as large group programs with 20 to 25 people with greater interpersonal focus. Such workshops are interactive, participative and accompanied by audio-visual aids to offer multi-sense modalities to keep focus and enrich the emotive experience.

Wellness experience

At MINDFRAMES we have modules for targeting diverse categories of employees (couples, women, pregnant mothers, children of employees, specific working groups etc.) These have structured and specific intervention goals. Some modules are deliverable telephonically, others in person and we also have train the trainer programs wherein the modules are offered to the corporate to be used time and again for their employees. These interactive and participative sessions can ensure a more satisfying working environment. They promote job motivation and enhance understanding amongst employees thus enabling them to lead more constructive lives. This is beneficial to individuals themselves, their families, workplace as well as the nation at large.

Workshop goals

MINDFRAMES workshops and programmes for corporations and organizations are specifically targeted at employee wellness.

  • Enhance work efficacy
  • Sustain work expertise
  • Boost employee morale
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Lower the illness costs
  • Allow work-life balance
  • Improve communication
  • Promote job satisfaction
  • Build successful careers

Group dynamics

Groups engender a different mind-set. Expression and perception in groups offers superior outcomes.

  • Groups stimulate better empathy
  • Attendees don’t feel singled out
  • Proficiencies can be internalized
  • Motivation is additionally boosted
  • Learning experience is enriched
  • Insight generation becomes easy
  • Allows enhanced self expression
  • Builds interpersonal interaction

Win-win situation

Group sessions help improve overall performance and optimize human potential. This is reason enough to adopt this strategy in guaranteeing employee wellness.

  • Generating a sense of oneness
  • Targeting big groups together
  • Assuring time and cost efficacy
  • Diminishing lost hours of work
  • Making work a pleasurable task