Work-life equilibrium focus

Importance of work

In today’s age wants have transformed into needs and desires have translated to essentials; luxury and comfort have become a mandate. Working to bring home only the daily bread is not enough; each one wants the butter, jam and cranberries on it too! A life of luxury is now a necessity to almost everyone. The rat race continues, organizations are growing, workforce expanding, work hours lengthening, salaries fluctuating, recession trouncing; and each one getting sucked into the black hole. Work in today’s era, involves more than earning money. Working connotes and focuses on actualization. People seek a sense of accomplishment from what they do, where they work, how it makes them feel and the heights they attain owing to their work. Work has a renewed denotation today: the pinnacle of personal worth.

Life out of work

After heavy work any machine needs time to recuperate: that little greasing, specific cleaning and some relaxing. Time with family, chatting up with friends, listening to your favorite music, reading, exercise, yoga, any hobby or recreational task; all relax the weary mind. Everyone wants to locate and run up that ladder of success, and with rising competition each one now believes that faster the better. As work became so closely linked with happiness researchers concluded that there must be little difference between work and play. But as much as work is inseparably linked with personal contentment, the work leisure line has gotten darker in the past few centuries. The dichotomy is strengthening. And the concept of work life balance is now becoming even more worthy of consideration.

The conflict

When there’s too much on the plate people get greedy and tend to chew more than they can swallow. The desire and passion to succeed at work, get that promotion, acquire the salary hike and enhance the bank balance to assure a better future gets the better of one’s present subsistence. Most jobs today are stressful. External demands are not as taxing as internal drivers, which sanction everyone to whip themselves until they bleed. These work stresses aggravate family and interpersonal hassles, thus interfering with ones health too. Each wants to be the best boss, ultimate employee, superhero spouse and amazing parent; not realizing that trying to be the master of all may displace one from being even Jack of few.

Don’t mess both

Life is a spaghetti bowl: scrumptious and flavorful with the perfect blend of entangled pasta and sauce. Sorting it is a matter of perspective. Some things are perfectly well blended. If one knows how to be fair to work and other commitments, life can be relatively free of chaos. One needn’t tear oneself into pieces to satisfy the voluminous demands from work and life. While earning for family and children is important, that very family and children deserve attention too. And then friends, the garden, house repairs, car maintenance, charity, social commitments; and above all, respect and regard for the most important stakeholder here: ones own self. When each get his or her due, no one suffers and no one complains. The spaghetti bowl of life has a personal and professional blend. Selecting one over the other will result in conflict, confusion and stress.

MINDFRAMES: Reframing work and life

Technology has shrunk the world. Thus work effortlessly invades dinner tables, movie halls, picnic spots, meditation studios, bathrooms; and frequently the bed in the middle of sexual intercourse too! In spite of being away from office, one is always on the job. New age time management, is well understood as life management; targeting a perfect balance of all aspects of existence to allow each one to put in their best in each dimension to bring out their unrivaled potential for success in all their endeavors. We believe that when people are stressed owing to the chaotic imbalance between work and life in general, they can relate better with people like themselves, share experiences and reach common grounds for solutions with the therapist’s assistance. These kind of group workshops involve individual, combined as well as conjoint sessions with different therapists.

Work-life imbalance

Stress is a subjective response to changing environmental demands, chaos and conflict between work and life have a definitive role to play in negatively impacting physical and psychological wellness. Work-life imbalance can generate:

  • Hypertension/ heart problems
  • Stomach ulcers and gastritis
  • Diminished immune response
  • Impaired memory and judgment
  • Frequent illness and ailments
  • Unexplained bodyache and pain
  • Migraine and tension headache
  • Stress, anxiety and burnout
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Social anxiety, fear and phobia
  • Somatization and conversion
  • Bad interpersonal relationships
  • Marital tensions and discord
  • Impaired family functioning

Work-life balance

A balance of work and play is a must for every individual’s sanity and wellness. It helps in:

  • Building stronger family ties
  • Maximizes focus while at work
  • Improves work relationships
  • Improves mood and well being
  • Enhances concentration focus
  • Makes one feel accomplished
  • Enhances drive for betterment
  • Promotes self actualization

Why fuss over work?

Is work that important really?
Humans desire to find meaning in existence. If their work stimulates their quest for meaning, satisfaction occurs instantaneously and people don’t find work to be taxing. They can then focus their energies on the lighter side of life. We aim to tap that potential in people and assist them in their quest to facilitate complete work satisfaction and spill it over to satisfaction with everything in life. The ultimate desirable outcome will be happier human beings living happier and fuller lives.