The mind is a model of the entire universe in your own hands. You can transform your universe by the way you perceive, think, feel and behave. It’s your choice…

Dr. Shefali Batra (Psychiatrist)

Dr. Shefali Batra is a Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist and Wellness Consultant. She founded MINDFRAMES with a vision of taking psychological wellness to the common mans’ home, workplace and life in totality. She is an expert consultant, avid writer, in-person and e-trainer and coach, novel content creator and innovator for diagnostic as well as therapeutic tools. She has developed online guidance modules that offer psychological wellness at the click of a mouse. Her focus is holistic wellness for one and all. Over a decade of experience, and keen technological acumen, empowers her to modernize the practice of psychological wellness through innovation in counseling and therapy. She believes that health is not merely the absence of illness, it is the continuous adoption of holistic wellness as part of one’s subsistence. As a dream analyst, she guides you through interpretation of your own dreams and their application to solve real life problems with the use of cognitive (CBT) and emotive (REBT) therapies. Dr. Shefali believes in innovation in therapy and counselling. She uses evidence based methods and newly researched techniques of mindfulness and cognitive restructuring to help change attitudes and beliefs to change one’s life. A background of diversity in clinical medicine, behavioral research, keen technological acumen, and an urge to reach out to the common man allows her to innovate psychological medicine, counseling and therapy. A recent debut author, follower of yoga and meditation; and wellness content creator, she believes in expanding wellness outreach through positive living.

Dr. Pradyumna Oak (Neurologist)

Dr. Pradyumna Oak practicing Neurologist joined the team with the desire to help correlate neurological and psychological perspectives for bettering the understanding of human behavior. A flourishing clinician, with numerous hospital affiliations and attachments, he partakes responsibility at our clinic in managing patients with neuropsychiatric conditions (stroke, dementia, epilepsy, alcohol related troubles and the like) in a synchronous manner along with the behavioral health team. His careful clinical approach and diagnostic acumen are a boon to these patients who exhibit a combination of neurological as well as psychological complaints.

Ms. Smita Batra (Spiritual Educator)

Ms. Smita, a graduate of psychology is a spiritual educator with focus on introspective and sublime learning. She conducts cognitively formulated spirituality based wellness talks for varied audiences. She has addressed children, adults as well as senior citizens on introspection and insightful change of perspectives in order to change ones life. Her incessant and never-ending study reading on the subject intensifies the depth of her understanding and its reflective expression on the groups she targets. She is highly proficient on each of the 700 verses of the Bhagwad Geeta and teaches its perspectives with practical understanding and simulations in daily living.

Ms. Shilpa Pal (Fitness and Nutrition Consultant)

Ms. Shilpa has a background of finance but her keen focus on physical health and wellness coaxed her to attain a fitness instructor qualification. She also welcomed a lifestyle change with her introduction to Bikram Yoga (Hatha yoga modifications initiated and propagated by Bikram Choudhary from Los Angeles, California). Shilpa spends on occasion 7 to 8 hours a day on mind and body fitness and healing. She has formulated paradigms for yoga application in stress and anger management too. Her practical yoga experience and the scientific explanation of the discipline is an asset in one to one guidance as well as group sessions and corporate wellness workshops.

Ms. Tulika Lal (Counselor and Music Therapist)

Ms. Tulika, a graduate of psychology is an avid lover of music and an enthusiastic and emotive influencer. She is a newer faculty at MINDFRAMES. With a corporate and action selling acumen; and desire to heal, Tulika focuses on wellness education based on the application of Music and it’s creative impact on the human mind. She explicates the effect of sound and it’s role in stressors in relationships, interactions and workplace stress. Her insight on the subject is enlightening and educational besides being practical and applicable. She makes use of these insights in one to one sessions with clients as well as in corporate and school group workshops and seminars.

Who we are

MINDFRAMES is dedicated team of experts who seek to correct misperceptions about the ‘lost frame’ of the mind to tap its unfathomed potential and expose its undermined abilities. We seek to engender a healthy body through a healthful mind, by enriching relationships, improving lifestyles and adding worth to existence.

About the founder

it is about promotion of optimal positive well being from the outset to avoid the emergence of any problem in the first place. With this aim in mind… Read More…

How we got here

Nourished by the gratitude of our patients and clients, and powered by intense study in the subject, we have created innovative workshops, therapy paradigms, psychometric instruments, and reflective informative write-ups (on our wellness blog). Each attempt supports positive mental well-being of the individuals and groups we associate with.


Why the name ‘MINDFRAMES’

Respecting the mind entails understanding its desirable and objectionable frames, which it often vacillates between. The mind has power to create or destroy; laugh or cry, make or break, progress or regress, and succeed or fail. Every individual is unique with regard to their thoughts, perceptions, behaviors, dreams, desires, emotions, tolerance and abilities. Tapping these to the fullest can reframe the mind to its desired frames for optimized living.