Adult psychological problems

Practice of mental wellness

Psychiatry and psychology are a practice in the community today. It is not anymore restricted to asylums, mental institutions or psychiatric hospitals. Health encompasses the complete well being on the physical, psychological, social, emotional, familial, and environmental as well as spiritual front. ‘Patients’ better understood as ‘clients’ as we choose to call them are active participants who ought to take complete responsibility for their psychological well-being. It is not the responsibility of the treating therapist always; it is rather a combined effort to make the clients achieve their true potential at their own free will. It is alright to feel a little sad, somewhat anxious, a bit worried and occasionally irritated; however when out of hand, it is best and wise to take the right steps to curtail negative behaviors and enhance living optimally and being at peace with oneself.

Trends in psychological wellness

Psychiatry and psychology use personal and social scientific investigative methods. With the existing speed of advancement, numerous interpersonal and social factors are understood to mingle with genetic, bio-chemical and structural changes in the brain to give rise to a mental disorder. Extensive progress has been made in diagnostic and treatment modalities in these problems. The coefficient of reliability is much superior to that in the past. The adoption of these trends is imperative in understanding the working of the human mind and deciphering the aberrations it faces time and again.

The patient role

It is extremely difficult to be a psychiatric patient. And it is not easy to be the doctor of one either! A large percentage of care has moved from therapeutic to the preventive modality today. The target is to build stronger defenses, optimize coping mechanisms and construct superior fortitude from stressors. This helps construct endurance to deal with the stresses and strains of life. It ensures that problems never reach great magnitudes at all. Wellness is not about taking few pills everyday or a wellness clinic visit every week. It entails adaptation and assimilation of the stressors as part of existence and using healthy coping mechanisms to combat them when troubles get out of hand.

Duty to self

Each one of us has the right to a positive, beautiful and a fulfilling life; to happiness and peace, to well-deserved success and merited prosperity. It is not merely a right, but also a duty to target our own positive psychological wellness. We are free to reach out for support and guidance to preserve our emotional wellness, build upon it, and repair it if the need arises. Everyone must take steps towards accomplishing this duty. When help is available, it is prudent to reach out and make the most of it. Duty to the self for self-nourishment and preservation comes first. Once you are strong, you can care for the rest of the world better.


Psychiatry principles

Psychiatry and psychology follow very structured methodologies. These are not primitive or non-scientific procedures as may have been often believed in the past. Psychiatry and the practice of counseling are well-recognized sciences. It is beneficial to remove all misconceptions in the mind about them and know that they are:

  • Not connected with magic
  • Evidence based principles
  • Research based paradigms
  • Genetic contemplations
  • Active involved processes
  • Cooperative and not forced

Wellness goals

A behavioral science will have focused and targeted objectives to attain desirable outcomes for all individuals. The scientific processes of these disciplines aim at:

  • Strengthening one’s defenses
  • Building coping mechanisms
  • Preventing stress and burnout
  • Promoting holistic well being
  • Improving the quality of life
  • Assuring constructive lifestyles


Several misconceptions about psychiatry and psychology are rampant. It is wise to refrain from indulging in these beliefs. Not having faith is bad; believing in the false is worse. It prevents us from seeking help that would in effect benefit no one but ourselves. Many people wrongly believe that:

  • Psychiatry isn’t a true science
  • Psychology is all about magic
  • It involves reading of minds
  • Seeing a therapist is cowardly
  • We alone can help ourselves
  • External advice never works
  • Weak people seek counseling
  • Therapists make you dependent
  • Medicines are always addictive
  • They derange the mind further
  • Avoiding medicines is sensible