The beauty of life (group workshop)

The gift of life

Life is a beautiful and precious gift. Living is not a passive phenomenon, it is dynamic and energetic, and ought to be forceful and resolute. Making the right choices in life is essential to reach the zenith of happiness and accomplishment. The lookout from life is summarized in the quote: ‘The purpose of life, is to find a life of purpose’. While most are blessed with the intellect and ability to make life productive and meaningful, few realize the importance of making right decisions to keep the beauty and simplicity of life on its predestined path. It is not that difficult to be happy and spread happiness. Contentment is less from external forces and more internally generated.

Stresses in life

Everything in this world seems smooth as long as things are moving on their pre-destined track. When children set out in this world to pave their own way, there is bound to be some resistance. And this leads to restlessness, apprehension, fear and anxiety. Anything that they love, things that matter to them; and are important to them, make them worry (what an irony!). And worry is quite an unpleasant emotion. Children enter a vicious cycle initiated by their changing hormones, and worsened by peer pressure and their developing identity.

Everything goes wrong

Needless to mention, in today’s world, stress has become an integral part of existence. The stressed mind urges one to transiently suspend rational thinking, leading to denial of reality and brings in pessimism. This causes the damaging tetrad of negative perceptions, negative thoughts, pessimistic emotions and adverse behaviors that eventually culminate into self damaging lifestyles. When this continues beyond the limit of the defense mechanisms and coping strategies, it may lead to burnout, anxiety problems, depression and in some extreme cases even psychotic phenomena and suicide. A sound mind and rational decision making ability are basic needs to survive and thrive in the world today.

Negative Identity

Childhood sows seeds, while teenage sprouts twigs of identity. Emotional responsiveness, personality buildup, habit formation and problem solving abilities get defined. Though it may seem easy, the situation can get chancy. Children may think that they are innately capable of making the right decisions for themselves; but this may not be true. They tend to do defy most of what is told to them. This results in opposition form parents and thus defiance and a development of negative identity. They may end up in an emotional mess and become a source of trouble to everyone around them.

Doing the right thing

Adolescents need to have the right lookout in life so that they take appropriate steps towards responsible living. It is easy to make wrong decisions. Righteousness undeniably demands courage and it calls for strong will power. At the same time, it is habitual; when accustomed to do only the right thing, the wrong behaviors take a back seat. Criticism can motivate self change if it is given sensitively and taken constructively. Each one of us has self-preserving instincts; everyone needs reinforcers for their behavior when appropriate. Nobody awaits negative remarks and condemnation from others. Children want and need support and guidance, which should be offered to them in a caring manner. The goal is to help them deal with difficulties and conflicts in their lives effectively and emerge as stronger, mature, positive and more responsible individuals.

MINDFRAMES: Reframing life

Stress is an inseparable part of human existence. It is not possible to change the situation in most cases; however, changing oneself is a feasible and suitable option.. Stress acts as a positive response if it drives one to purposeful action. If not, it generates negative thoughts that produce only destructive emotions, which predispose disruptive behaviors. Positivism in all these three: Thought, Emotion and Behavior is the requirement for building hope and finding purpose. We use this workshop to generate rightful and purposeful thinking in the developing mind at the appropriate time. This helps to direct the adolescent mind towards positive and constructive thoughts, behavior and action to ensure a long, healthy, fruitful and positive life ahead. Life is never beautiful or ugly. It is the perception that determines so.

The negativity cycle

Feeling low and negative does not happen without reason. There is a stepwise path for feeling unhappy. Knowing this path is important to refrain from treading on it.

  • Negative mindsets
  • Faulty perceptions
  • Unhelpful thoughts
  • Adverse emotions
  • Negative behaviors

This is life: accept it!

Life is not a bed of roses, but it is not a stage of thorns either. If our children knew the realities of life and challenges that lie ahead of them, they can plan and be prepared. Reality base is most important.

  • Stress is a part and parcel of life
  • Things can’t go our way always
  • Competition ought to be healthy
  • Relationships really do matter
  • Pessimism is an acquired trait
  • Optimism is thus acquired too
  • Time management is essential
  • This is quite an imperfect word
  • Life can get twisted at times
  • Blame games are bad moves
  • Making a mistake is human
  • Admitting mistakes is bravery
  • Repeating mistakes is foolery

Targets for kids

We aim to instill skills in children so that they do the best for themselves.

  • Enable children to formulate goals
  • Offer direction for achieving them
  • Help them organize time better
  • Generate plans for ‘what ahead’
  • Balance work and play always
  • Stay focused on what they do
  • Eat well because food is energy
  • Sleep enough and sleep rightly
  • Exercise regularly and diligently
  • Learn to forgive others’ mistakes
  • Make as many friends as they can
  • Keep friends close to their heart
  • Love their family (they matter)
  • Go a little easy on themselves
  • Let go of insecurity and big egos
  • Respect the self and everyone too
  • Learn to look at the brighter side
  • Accept criticism constructively
  • Learn to be more objective in life
  • Love themselves (its important!)