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December 28, 2013 admin

Time to decide…

Each to our own

This world has quite a large populous of people. Each one of these has their own brain that weighs 1500 grams and has approximately 100 billion brain cells (neurons) that constantly work on formulating thoughts, generating emotions and directing behavior. And so we have billions of opinions that can emanate from a single human being in a given moment. Imagine how hard it can get for these one billion thoughts and opinions to be in synchrony with each other. Just nearly close to impossible. Truly we all are dropped in the sea of existence to swim by ourselves. Sometimes some of us hold hands, we are all linked to another through a blood or professional or love or some bond; but the individuality of existence and opinion always stays. Each of us is really to our own. And our opinions will never match those of another, no matter what. What you wear, how you talk, where you go, what you do; each one will have a differing notion of how it ‘is’ versus how it ‘should be’. That’s just the way it is!

Cleanse your soul

Water is transparent and free flowing, absolutely accommodating and conforming. The epitome of compliance, it takes the shape of its container, no resistance offered, ever adjusting and assimilating, even cleansing the vessel without question! Water does not seek comfort. It reflects back on occasion when calm and still, quenches and satisfies on others. Humans explicitly challenge conformity; dwelling in the inertia of personal dogmas, failing to grasp the blissful joy of self-advancement through change. Take that plunge. And cleanse yourself. Success will occur as a byproduct.


Empathy is the art of stepping into the shoes of another and seeing the world through their eyes, feeling their pinch through their skin and enduring the pain that they suffer. The new age direction towards worldly growth and peace is all about empathy. But empathy starts from the little interactions with people around and about us. Empathy ought to exist between friends and family, neighbors and colleagues, partners and employers, all alike. To see the points of view of others, respect them even if you don’t agree with them, and make the world a more ‘accepting’ and responsive place to thrive in. That will truly be a better world.

Refuel yourself

External drivers may fade, your idol may collapse (to err is human) and the world changes its ideals ever so often. You settle for lesser standards because some goals seem to not be accomplishable no matter how hard you try (so you feel). Be your own inspiration, build that inner desire to excel and lay your mark, your will to change the world around you, your earnestness to put in your best irrespective of what it brings you in return. Inspiration is part of your persona. It is your personality. You are the vehicle and its sole operator. Galvanize yourself to purposeful action; you are the only fueling station available, so don’t miss the chance. Be the light you want to shine on the world. You will never then be in the dark. You can do it. If you believe so, you can definitely do it…

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