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June 19, 2014 admin

Refuel yourself

The purpose of life is to have purpose in life. People are driven to action and as long as the drive sustains, life goes on. But external drivers fade, idols collapse (to err is human) and the world changes its ideals ever so often. You settle for lesser standards because some goals seem to not be accomplishable no matter how hard you try (so you feel). It is important to find your own inspiration, build the inner desire to excel and lay your mark, develop the will to change the world around you, enhance your earnestness to put in your best irrespective of what it brings you in return. Inspiration is part of your persona. It is your personality. You are the vehicle and its sole operator. Galvanize yourself to purposeful action; you are the only fueling station available, so don’t miss the chance. Be the light you want to shine on the world. You will never then be in the dark. You can do it. Never cease to take the helping hand that takes you on the path to self accomplishment.
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